French Adjectives That Start with L

In this article, we will look into French adjectives that start with the letter “L”. These adjectives are commonly used and essential for anyone looking to expand their French vocabulary.


List of French Adjectives Starting with L

  • Légère: Light, used to describe something that is not heavy.
  • Lent: Slow, referring to something that moves at a low speed.
  • Large: Wide or broad, indicating a great extent from side to side.
  • Loyal: Loyal or faithful, used to describe someone who is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Long: Long, indicating a great distance from one end to the other.
  • Lumineux: Bright or luminous, used to describe something that emits light.
  • Lisse: Smooth, referring to a surface without roughness or projections.
  • Lourd: Heavy, indicating a large weight.
  • Luxueux: Luxurious, used to describe something very comfortable and expensive.
  • Lacunaire: Lacking or incomplete, often used to describe something missing parts.
  • Lamentable: Pitiful or deplorable, indicating something very poor in quality or condition.
  • Limpide: Clear or limpid, used to describe something transparent or easily understood.
  • Léthargique: Lethargic, referring to someone who is sluggish or lacking energy.
  • Lumineux: Radiant or glowing, indicating something that shines brightly.
  • Laborieux: Laborious, used to describe a task that requires considerable effort and time.
  • Légitime: Legitimate, referring to something that is lawful or justified.
  • Libéral: Liberal, indicating someone who is open-minded or generous.
  • Local: Local, used to describe something related to a particular area or vicinity.
  • Lucide: Lucid, meaning clear-headed or easy to understand.
  • Ludique: Playful, referring to something that is fun or related to play.