French Adjectives That Start with R

In this article, we look into a variety of French adjectives that start with the letter R. Understanding these adjectives can enrich your vocabulary and improve your descriptive skills in French.


List of French Adjectives Starting with R

  • Rapide: Quick or fast, used to describe someone or something that moves with speed.
  • Riche: Rich or wealthy, indicating someone with a lot of money or resources.
  • Roux: Red-haired or reddish, typically used to describe hair color.
  • Rond: Round or circular, describing shapes or objects with a round form.
  • Râleur: Grumpy or complaining, used to describe someone who often complains.
  • Respectueux: Respectful, indicating someone who shows respect to others.
  • Ravissant: Delightful or charming, describing someone or something that is very pleasing.
  • Rassurant: Reassuring, providing comfort and confidence to someone.
  • Rare: Rare or uncommon, used to describe something that is not often found.
  • Réfléchi: Thoughtful or considerate, describing someone who thinks carefully before acting.
  • Réussi: Successful, indicating something or someone that has achieved success.
  • Réaliste: Realistic, describing someone who has a practical and realistic view of things.
  • Rigide: Rigid or inflexible, used to describe something that does not bend or change easily.
  • Rugeux: Rough or uneven, typically used to describe textures or surfaces.
  • Ridé: Wrinkled, often used to describe skin or fabric that has wrinkles.
  • Robuste: Robust or strong, indicating someone or something that is physically strong and healthy.
  • Réservé: Reserved or discreet, describing someone who is quiet and keeps to themselves.
  • Radieux: Radiant or glowing, often used to describe someone with a bright and happy appearance.
  • Rationnel: Rational or logical, indicating someone who thinks logically and makes decisions based on reason.