French Adjectives That Start with E

Let’s look into some French adjectives that start with the letter E.


List of French Adjectives Starting with E

  • Éblouissant: Dazzling, stunning, or blindingly bright.
  • Économe: Economical, thrifty, or frugal.
  • Éduqué: Educated or well-mannered.
  • Efficace: Effective or efficient.
  • Égoïste: Selfish or egotistical.
  • Élégant: Elegant or stylish.
  • Élevé: High or elevated.
  • Émouvant: Moving or touching (emotionally).
  • Enthousiaste: Enthusiastic or eager.
  • Ennuyeux: Boring or tedious.
  • Épais: Thick or dense.
  • Épuisé: Exhausted or worn out.
  • Équitable: Fair or just.
  • Érudit: Learned or scholarly.
  • Essentiel: Essential or vital.
  • Étonnant: Astonishing or surprising.
  • Étrange: Strange or peculiar.
  • Évident: Obvious or evident.
  • Excessif: Excessive or overly abundant.
  • Exigeant: Demanding or exacting.
  • Exotique: Exotic or foreign.
  • Expérimenté: Experienced or skilled.
  • Expressif: Expressive or full of expression.
  • Extrême: Extreme or severe.
  • Exubérant: Exuberant or lively.