Conjugation of the French Verb “Rencontrer”

“Rencontrer” is a common French verb that means “to meet” or “to encounter.” Conjugating verbs in French can be a bit complex, as they change depending on the subject and tense. In this article, we will explore the conjugation of “rencontrer” in various tenses and moods, providing you with a comprehensive guide to use this verb correctly in your French conversations.


Present Tense (Présent)

In the present tense, “rencontrer” is conjugated as follows:

– Je rencontre (I meet/encounter)
– Tu rencontres (You meet/encounter)
– Il/Elle/On rencontre (He/She/One meets/encounters)
– Nous rencontrons (We meet/encounter)
– Vous rencontrez (You meet/encounter)
– Ils/Elles rencontrent (They meet/encounter)


Past Tenses (Passé Composé, Imparfait, and Plus-que-parfait)


1. Passé Composé (Compound Past)

To form the passé composé, you need the auxiliary verb “avoir” (to have) or “être” (to be) along with the past participle of “rencontrer.” Most commonly, “avoir” is used. Here’s how it looks:

– J’ai rencontré (I met/encountered)
– Tu as rencontré (You met/encountered)
– Il/Elle/On a rencontré (He/She/One met/encountered)
– Nous avons rencontré (We met/encountered)
– Vous avez rencontré (You met/encountered)
– Ils/Elles ont rencontré (They met/encountered)


2. Imparfait (Imperfect)

The imperfect tense is used to describe ongoing or habitual actions in the past. For “rencontrer,” you conjugate the imperfect as follows:

– Je rencontrais (I used to meet/encounter)
– Tu rencontrais (You used to meet/encounter)
– Il/Elle/On rencontrait (He/She/One used to meet/encounter)
– Nous rencontrions (We used to meet/encounter)
– Vous rencontriez (You used to meet/encounter)
– Ils/Elles rencontraient (They used to meet/encounter)


3. Plus-que-parfait (Pluperfect)

The pluperfect tense is used to describe actions that had already happened before another past action. To conjugate “rencontrer” in this tense, use the imperfect form of the auxiliary verb “avoir” or “être” along with the past participle:

– J’avais rencontré (I had met/encountered)
– Tu avais rencontré (You had met/encountered)
– Il/Elle/On avait rencontré (He/She/One had met/encountered)
– Nous avions rencontré (We had met/encountered)
– Vous aviez rencontré (You had met/encountered)
– Ils/Elles avaient rencontré (They had met/encountered)


Future and Conditional Tenses (Futur Simple and Conditionnel)


1. Futur Simple (Simple Future)

To express actions that will happen in the future, use the simple future tense:

– Je rencontrerai (I will meet/encounter)
– Tu rencontreras (You will meet/encounter)
– Il/Elle/On rencontrera (He/She/One will meet/encounter)
– Nous rencontrerons (We will meet/encounter)
– Vous rencontrerez (You will meet/encounter)
– Ils/Elles rencontreront (They will meet/encounter)


2. Conditionnel (Conditional)

The conditional tense is used to express hypothetical situations or desires:

– Je rencontrerais (I would meet/encounter)
– Tu rencontrerais (You would meet/encounter)
– Il/Elle/On rencontrerait (He/She/One would meet/encounter)
– Nous rencontrerions (We would meet/encounter)
– Vous rencontreriez (You would meet/encounter)
– Ils/Elles rencontreraient (They would meet/encounter)


10 example sentences with the word “Rencontrer”

Here are 10 example sentences with the word “rencontrer” in different grammatical tenses:

  1. Je rencontre mon ami demain. – (I will meet my friend tomorrow.) – Future tense
  2. Nous avons rencontré des gens intéressants lors de notre voyage. – (We met interesting people during our trip.) – Past participle (Passé Composé)
  3. Si j’avais plus de temps, je te rencontrerais plus souvent. – (If I had more time, I would meet you more often.) – Conditional tense
  4. Il rencontrait toujours de nouvelles personnes à ses soirées. – (He used to meet new people at his parties.) – Imperfect tense
  5. Elle rencontrera son professeur après les cours. – (She will meet her teacher after classes.) – Future tense
  6. Nous te rencontrerons à la gare à 16 heures. – (We will meet you at the train station at 4 PM.) – Future tense
  7. Quand est-ce que vous avez rencontré votre conjoint? – (When did you meet your spouse?) – Past tense (Passé Composé)
  8. Ils ne rencontreraient jamais un tel défi sans préparation. – (They would never meet such a challenge without preparation.) – Conditional tense
  9. Je rencontrais souvent mon professeur dans la bibliothèque. – (I used to meet my teacher often in the library.) – Imperfect tense
  10. Elles auraient rencontré leur idole si elles étaient venues plus tôt. – (They would have met their idol if they had come earlier.) – Conditional perfect tense



Understanding the conjugation of the French verb “rencontrer” in various tenses is essential for effective communication in the French language. Whether you’re describing past events, expressing future plans, or discussing hypothetical situations, mastering the conjugation of “rencontrer” will help you convey your thoughts accurately in French. Practice these conjugations regularly to become more confident in using this versatile verb.