“Voudrais” – Conjugation of the French Verb

The French language is known for its intricate verb conjugations, and one such verb that follows this pattern is “voudrais.” In this article, we will explore how to conjugate this verb in various tenses and moods.


Present Tense

In the present tense, “voudrais” is the first person singular form (je) of the conditional mood of the verb “vouloir,” which means “to want” or “to wish.” Here’s how it conjugates:

– Je voudrais – I would want/wish


Imperfect Tense

The imperfect tense is used to describe ongoing or habitual actions in the past. To conjugate “voudrais” in the imperfect tense, you’ll use the stem “voudr-” and add the appropriate endings:

– Je voulais – I wanted/wished
– Tu voulais – You wanted/wished (informal singular)
– Il/elle/on voulait – He/she/one wanted/wished
– Nous voulions – We wanted/wished
– Vous vouliez – You wanted/wished (formal singular and all plural)
– Ils/elles voulaient – They wanted/wished


Future Tense

In the future tense, “voudrais” takes on a different form. Here are the conjugations for the future tense:

– Je voudrai – I will want/wish
– Tu voudras – You will want/wish (informal singular)
– Il/elle/on voudra – He/she/one will want/wish
– Nous voudrons – We will want/wish
– Vous voudrez – You will want/wish (formal singular and all plural)
– Ils/elles voudront – They will want/wish


Conditional Tense

The conditional tense is used to express actions that are dependent on a condition or in hypothetical situations. “Voudrais” is, in fact, the conditional form itself. Here’s the conjugation:

– Je voudrais – I would want/wish
– Tu voudrais – You would want/wish (informal singular)
– Il/elle/on voudrait – He/she/one would want/wish
– Nous voudrions – We would want/wish
– Vous voudriez – You would want/wish (formal singular and all plural)
– Ils/elles voudraient – They would want/wish


10 example sentences with the word “voudrais”

Here are 10 example sentences with the word “voudrais” in the first person singular form (je) tense:

  1. Je voudrais un café, s’il vous plaît. (I would like a coffee, please.) – Conditional tense
  2. Je voudrais visiter Paris un jour. (I would like to visit Paris one day.) – Conditional tense
  3. Je voudrais apprendre à jouer de la guitare. (I would like to learn to play the guitar.) – Conditional tense
  4. Je voudrais que tu m’expliques ce concept. (I would like you to explain this concept to me.) – Conditional tense
  5. Je voudrais partir en vacances cet été. (I would like to go on vacation this summer.) – Conditional tense
  6. Je voudrais une glace à la vanille. (I would like a vanilla ice cream.) – Conditional tense
  7. Je voudrais te remercier pour ton aide. (I would like to thank you for your help.) – Conditional tense
  8. Je voudrais rencontrer l’auteur de ce livre. (I would like to meet the author of this book.) – Conditional tense
  9. Je voudrais essayer ce plat traditionnel. (I would like to try this traditional dish.) – Conditional tense
  10. Je voudrais comprendre cette équation mathématique. (I would like to understand this mathematical equation.) – Conditional tense

These sentences demonstrate the use of the verb “voudrais” in the first person singular form (je) in the conditional tense, expressing various desires and wishes in different contexts.