Common Mistakes in German Plural Forms and How to Correct Them

German plural forms can be tricky for learners, often leading to errors that can affect comprehension and fluency. In this article, we’ll look into some of the common mistakes made in German plural forms and provide guidance on how to correct them.


Incorrect Use of Umlauts

One common mistake is the improper use of umlauts (ä, ö, ü) in plural forms. Sometimes, learners forget to add umlauts when forming the plural of nouns that require them.


  • Singular: der Apfel (the apple)
  • Incorrect Plural: die Apfels
  • Correct Plural: die Äpfel


Adding -s Instead of -e

Another frequent error is adding -s instead of -e to form the plural, especially for masculine and neuter nouns.


  • Singular: das Buch (the book)
  • Incorrect Plural: das Buchs
  • Correct Plural: die Bücher


No Change in Plural Form

Some nouns in German have the same form in both singular and plural. However, learners often mistakenly add or remove letters when forming the plural.


  • Singular: der Garten (the garden)
  • Incorrect Plural: der Gartens
  • Correct Plural: die Gärten