Conjugação do verbo francês "Croire"

The French language is known for its rich variety of verbs, each with its own unique conjugation patterns. In this article, we will explore the conjugation of the verb “croire,” which means “to believe” in English. Understanding how to conjugate this verb is essential for effective communication in French, as it is commonly used in both spoken and written contexts.


Infinitive Form

Before diving into the conjugation, it’s important to start with the infinitive form of the verb “croire.” In its base form, it is written as:

– Croire (to believe)


Conjugation in Present Tense

The present tense in French corresponds to actions happening in the present moment. To conjugate “croire” in the present tense, follow this pattern:

– Je crois (I believe)
– Tu crois (You believe, informal singular)
– Il/elle/on croit (He/she/one believes)
– Nous croyons (We believe)
– Vous croyez (You believe, formal singular/plural)
– Ils/elles croient (They believe)


Conjugation in Past Tenses


1. Passé Composé

The passé composé is used to describe actions that occurred in the past. To form the passé composé of “croire,” you need to use the auxiliary verb “avoir” and the past participle “cru.” Here’s the conjugation:

– J’ai cru (I believed)
– Tu as cru (You believed, informal singular)
– Il/elle/on a cru (He/she/one believed)
– Nous avons cru (We believed)
– Vous avez cru (You believed, formal singular/plural)
– Ils/elles ont cru (They believed)


2. Imperfect

The imperfect tense is used to describe ongoing actions or habitual actions in the past. To conjugate “croire” in the imperfect tense, use the following endings added to the verb stem “croy-“:

– Je croyais (I used to believe)
– Tu croyais (You used to believe, informal singular)
– Il/elle/on croyait (He/she/one used to believe)
– Nous croyions (We used to believe)
– Vous croyiez (You used to believe, formal singular/plural)
– Ils/elles croyaient (They used to believe)


3. Simple Past (Passé Simple)

The passé simple is mainly used in formal writing. The conjugation of “croire” in the passé simple is as follows:

– Je crus (I believed)
– Tu crus (You believed, informal singular)
– Il/elle/on crut (He/she/one believed)
– Nous crûmes (We believed)
– Vous crûtes (You believed, formal singular/plural)
– Ils/elles crurent (They believed)


Conjugation in Future Tense

The future tense in French is used to express actions that will happen in the future. To conjugate “croire” in the future tense, add the following endings to the verb stem “croir-“:

– Je croirai (I will believe)
– Tu croiras (You will believe, informal singular)
– Il/elle/on croira (He/she/one will believe)
– Nous croirons (We will believe)
– Vous croirez (You will believe, formal singular/plural)
– Ils/elles croiront (They will believe)


10 example sentences with the word “croire”

Here are 10 example sentences with the word “croire” in different grammatical tenses:

  1. J’espère que tu crois en toi. (I hope you believe in yourself.) – Present Tense
  2. Il a cru à cette histoire incroyable. (He believed in that unbelievable story.) – Past Tense (Passé Composé)
  3. Elle croyait aux contes de fées quand elle était enfant. (She used to believe in fairy tales when she was a child.) – Imperfect Tense
  4. Nous croirons en un meilleur avenir. (We will believe in a better future.) – Future Tense
  5. Vous croyiez à cette légende urbaine ? (Did you believe in that urban legend?) – Imperfect Tense
  6. Ils croiront en l’amour éternel. (They will believe in eternal love.) – Future Tense
  7. On ne peut pas croire tout ce qu’on lit sur Internet. (You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.) – Present Tense
  8. Elles avaient cru en son innocence. (They had believed in his innocence.) – Past Tense (Passé Composé)
  9. Je croirais en des extraterrestres si je les rencontrais. (I would believe in extraterrestrials if I met them.) – Conditional Tense
  10. Nous croyons fermement en la liberté d’expression. (We firmly believe in freedom of speech.) – Present Tense

These example sentences demonstrate the use of the verb “croire” in various grammatical tenses, showcasing its versatility in expressing beliefs and attitudes in different contexts.



Conjugating the verb “croire” in French is essential for expressing beliefs and opinions accurately. By mastering its conjugation in various tenses, you’ll be better equipped to communicate effectively in both spoken and written French. Whether you’re describing current beliefs in the present tense or recounting past convictions in the passé composé, understanding the conjugation of “croire” is a fundamental aspect of French language proficiency.