Het werkwoord "Rentendre" vervoegen in het Frans

“Rentendre” is an uncommon French verb that may not be familiar to many learners of the language. Despite its rarity, understanding how to conjugate this verb is essential for those who want to communicate effectively in French. In this article, we will explore the conjugation of “Rentendre” in various tenses and moods.


Infinitive Form: “Rentendre”

The infinitive form of the verb “Rentendre” serves as the base form and does not undergo any changes. It remains as “Rentendre” regardless of the subject or context.


Tegenwoordige Indicatieve

In the present indicative tense, “Rentendre” is conjugated as follows:

– Je rentends (I hear again)
– Tu rentends (You hear again)
– Il/elle/on rentend (He/she/one hears again)
– Nous rentendons (We hear again)
– Vous rentendez (You hear again)
– Ils/elles rentendent (They hear again)


Imperfecte Indicatief

The imperfect indicative tense expresses actions that occurred repeatedly or over an extended period in the past. The conjugation of “Rentendre” in this tense is as follows:

– Je rentendais (I used to hear again)
– Tu rentendais (You used to hear again)
– Il/elle/on rentendait (He/she/one used to hear again)
– Nous rentendions (We used to hear again)
– Vous rentendiez (You used to hear again)
– Ils/elles rentendaient (They used to hear again)


Eenvoudige toekomst

To express actions that will happen in the future, you can use the simple future tense. Here is how “Rentendre” is conjugated in this tense:

– Je rentendrai (I will hear again)
– Tu rentendras (You will hear again)
– Il/elle/on rentendra (He/she/one will hear again)
– Nous rentendrons (We will hear again)
– Vous rentendrez (You will hear again)
– Ils/elles rentendront (They will hear again)



The conditional mood is used to express actions that are dependent on a condition. The conjugation of “Rentendre” in the conditional mood is as follows:

– Je rentendrais (I would hear again)
– Tu rentendrais (You would hear again)
– Il/elle/on rentendrait (He/she/one would hear again)
– Nous rentendrions (We would hear again)
– Vous rentendriez (You would hear again)
– Ils/elles rentendraient (They would hear again)


10 example sentences with the word “Rentendre”

Here are 10 example sentences with the word “Rentendre” in different grammatical tenses:

  1. Je rentends la musique. (I hear the music.) – Present Indicative
  2. Tu as rentendu cette chanson avant. (You heard this song before.) – Past Indicative
  3. Il/elle/on rentend toujours bien malgré le bruit. (He/she/one always hears well despite the noise.) – Present Indicative
  4. Nous aurons rentendu cette nouvelle bientôt. (We will have heard this news soon.) – Future Perfect
  5. Vous rentendez les oiseaux chanter le matin. (You hear the birds singing in the morning.) – Present Indicative
  6. Ils/elles rentendraient mieux si elles écoutaient attentivement. (They would hear better if they listened carefully.) – Conditional
  7. Elle rentendait la mélodie dans ses rêves. (She used to hear the melody in her dreams.) – Imperfect Indicative
  8. Nous rentendrons les résultats demain. (We will hear the results tomorrow.) – Future Indicative
  9. Les enfants ont rentendu le conte avec fascination. (The children heard the story with fascination.) – Past Indicative
  10. Je rentendrais volontiers cette chanson une autre fois. (I would gladly hear this song again.) – Conditional

These examples demonstrate how “Rentendre” can be used in various grammatical tenses to convey different meanings and contexts in French.



Understanding the conjugation of the verb “Rentendre” is crucial for those looking to use it in various contexts and tenses. While this verb may not be encountered as frequently as more common verbs, mastering its conjugation is an important part of becoming proficient in the French language. By practicing and applying these conjugations in different sentences and scenarios, learners can confidently use “Rentendre” in their conversations and written communication.