Conjugation of the French Verb “Reprendre”

The French language is known for its intricate conjugation rules, and verbs play a central role in its structure. One such verb that follows these rules is “reprendre.” In this article, we will explore the conjugation of “reprendre” in different tenses and moods, allowing you to use it effectively in various contexts.


Present Tense

In the present tense, “reprendre” conjugates as follows:

– Je reprends (I take back)
– Tu reprends (You take back)
– Il/elle/on reprend (He/she/one takes back)
– Nous reprenons (We take back)
– Vous reprenez (You take back)
– Ils/elles reprennent (They take back)


Past Tenses


Imperfect Tense

The imperfect tense of “reprendre” is used to describe ongoing or habitual actions in the past. Here’s how it conjugates:

– Je reprenais (I used to take back)
– Tu reprenais (You used to take back)
– Il/elle/on reprenait (He/she/one used to take back)
– Nous reprenions (We used to take back)
– Vous repreniez (You used to take back)
– Ils/elles reprenaient (They used to take back)


Past Historic (Simple Past) Tense

The past historic tense of “reprendre” is used in formal writing and literature. Its conjugation is as follows:

– Je repris (I took back)
– Tu repris (You took back)
– Il/elle/on reprit (He/she/one took back)
– Nous reprîmes (We took back)
– Vous reprîtes (You took back)
– Ils/elles reprirent (They took back)


Past Perfect Tense

The past perfect tense of “reprendre” is formed using the auxiliary verb “avoir” (to have) and the past participle “repris.” Here’s how it conjugates:

– J’ai repris (I took back)
– Tu as repris (You took back)
– Il/elle/on a repris (He/she/one took back)
– Nous avons repris (We took back)
– Vous avez repris (You took back)
– Ils/elles ont repris (They took back)


Future Tenses


Simple Future Tense

In the simple future tense, “reprendre” conjugates as follows:

– Je reprendrai (I will take back)
– Tu reprendras (You will take back)
– Il/elle/on reprendra (He/she/one will take back)
– Nous reprendrons (We will take back)
– Vous reprendrez (You will take back)
– Ils/elles reprendront (They will take back)


Future Perfect Tense

The future perfect tense of “reprendre” is formed using the auxiliary verb “avoir” (to have) and the future participle “repris.” Here’s how it conjugates:

– J’aurai repris (I will have taken back)
– Tu auras repris (You will have taken back)
– Il/elle/on aura repris (He/she/one will have taken back)
– Nous aurons repris (We will have taken back)
– Vous aurez repris (You will have taken back)
– Ils/elles auront repris (They will have taken back)


Conditional Mood

In the conditional mood, “reprendre” conjugates as follows:

– Je reprendrais (I would take back)
– Tu reprendrais (You would take back)
– Il/elle/on reprendrait (He/she/one would take back)
– Nous reprendrions (We would take back)
– Vous reprendriez (You would take back)
– Ils/elles reprendraient (They would take back)


Subjunctive Mood

In the subjunctive mood, “reprendre” conjugates as follows:

– Que je reprenne (That I take back)
– Que tu reprennes (That you take back)
– Qu’il/elle/on reprenne (That he/she/one takes back)
– Que nous reprenions (That we take back)
– Que vous repreniez (That you take back)
– Qu’ils/elles reprennent (That they take back)


Imperative Mood

The imperative mood is used for giving commands. “Reprendre” conjugates in the imperative mood as follows:

– Reprends (Take back, informal singular)
– Reprenons (Let’s take back)
– Reprenez (Take back, formal singular/plural)


10 example sentences with the word “rendre”

Here are 10 example sentences with the word “rendre” in different grammatical tenses:

  1. Je rends visite à ma grand-mère chaque semaine. (I visit my grandmother every week.) – Present Tense
  2. Hier, il a rendu son devoir en retard. (Yesterday, he turned in his assignment late.) – Past Perfect Tense
  3. Si j’étais plus fort, je pourrais rendre ce service. (If I were stronger, I could provide this service.) – Conditional Mood
  4. Il est essentiel que tu lui rendes l’argent immédiatement. (It’s essential that you give him back the money immediately.) – Subjunctive Mood
  5. Rends-moi un service et prête-moi ton stylo, s’il te plaît. (Do me a favor and lend me your pen, please.) – Imperative Mood
  6. Nous rendrons visite à nos amis le mois prochain. (We will visit our friends next month.) – Future Tense
  7. Avant la fête, elle a rendu sa robe à la couturière pour des retouches. (Before the party, she returned her dress to the seamstress for alterations.) – Past Perfect Tense
  8. Si vous aviez suivi les indications, vous auriez pu rendre l’examen plus facilement. (If you had followed the instructions, you could have completed the exam more easily.) – Conditional Mood
  9. Les étudiants doivent rendre leur travail de recherche demain. (The students must submit their research paper tomorrow.) – Present Tense
  10. Elle m’aidera à rendre les livres à la bibliothèque. (She will help me return the books to the library.) – Future Tense



Conjugating verbs in French can be a complex task, but with practice, it becomes more manageable. Understanding how to conjugate “reprendre” in various tenses and moods will help you communicate effectively and accurately in French, allowing you to express actions related to taking back or resuming activities in different contexts.