Conjugation of the French Verb “Monter”

Monter, which means “to climb” or “to go up” in French, is a versatile and frequently used verb that belongs to the -er verb group. As with many French verbs, it undergoes various conjugation changes depending on the subject and tense. In this article, we will explore the conjugation of the verb “monter” in different tenses and moods.


Present Indicative

In the present indicative tense, “monter” is conjugated as follows:

– Je monte (I climb/go up)
– Tu montes (You climb/go up)
– Il/elle/on monte (He/she/one climbs/goes up)
– Nous montons (We climb/go up)
– Vous montez (You climb/go up)
– Ils/elles montent (They climb/go up)


Past Indicative

For the past indicative tense, you can use two forms of conjugation:


Passé Composé

– J’ai monté (I climbed/went up)
– Tu as monté (You climbed/went up)
– Il/elle/on a monté (He/she/one climbed/went up)
– Nous avons monté (We climbed/went up)
– Vous avez monté (You climbed/went up)
– Ils/elles ont monté (They climbed/went up)



– Je montais (I used to climb/go up)
– Tu montais (You used to climb/go up)
– Il/elle/on montait (He/she/one used to climb/go up)
– Nous montions (We used to climb/go up)
– Vous montiez (You used to climb/go up)
– Ils/elles montaient (They used to climb/go up)


Future Indicative

To express future actions with “monter,” use the future indicative tense:

– Je monterai (I will climb/go up)
– Tu monteras (You will climb/go up)
– Il/elle/on montera (He/she/one will climb/go up)
– Nous monterons (We will climb/go up)
– Vous monterez (You will climb/go up)
– Ils/elles monteront (They will climb/go up)


Conditional Mood

The conditional mood is used to express actions that depend on a condition:

– Je monterais (I would climb/go up)
– Tu monterais (You would climb/go up)
– Il/elle/on monterait (He/she/one would climb/go up)
– Nous monterions (We would climb/go up)
– Vous monteriez (You would climb/go up)
– Ils/elles monteraient (They would climb/go up)


Subjunctive Mood

The subjunctive mood is used for uncertain or hypothetical situations:

– Que je monte (That I climb/go up)
– Que tu montes (That you climb/go up)
– Qu’il/elle/on monte (That he/she/one climbs/goes up)
– Que nous montions (That we climb/go up)
– Que vous montiez (That you climb/go up)
– Qu’ils/elles montent (That they climb/go up)


Imperative Mood

The imperative mood is used for giving commands:

– Monte (Climb/Go up) – (Tu)
– Montons (Let’s climb/Let’s go up) – (Nous)
– Montez (Climb/Go up) – (Vous)


10 example sentences with the word “monter”

Here are 10 example sentences with the word “monter” in different grammatical tenses.

  1. Il monte les escaliers avec facilité. – (He climbs the stairs with ease.) – Present Indicative
  2. Nous montrions nos dessins à la classe. – (We used to show our drawings to the class.) – Imperfect Indicative
  3. Elle montera au sommet de la montagne demain. – (She will climb to the top of the mountain tomorrow.) – Future Indicative
  4. Si j’avais plus de temps, je monterais ce meuble. – (If I had more time, I would assemble this piece of furniture.) – Conditional
  5. Il faut que tu montes à l’étage. – (You need to go up to the next floor.) – Subjunctive
  6. Montons ensemble pour découvrir la vue. – (Let’s go up together to discover the view.) – Imperative
  7. Quand ils sont arrivés, j’étais déjà monté. – (When they arrived, I had already gone up.) – Past Anterior
  8. Il est probable qu’elle montera avec nous. – (It’s likely that she will climb with us.) – Future Subjunctive
  9. Les sportifs ont monté leurs tentes dans la forêt. – (The athletes set up their tents in the forest.) – Past Perfect Indicative
  10. En montant lentement, il évita les accidents. – (By climbing slowly, he avoided accidents.) – Present Participle



Conjugating the French verb “monter” may seem complex at first, but with practice, it becomes more manageable. Remember that mastering verb conjugations is essential for effective communication in French. Keep practicing and expanding your knowledge of verb conjugations to become a more confident French speaker.