Conjugation of the French Verb “Entrer”

The French language is renowned for its complexity, especially when it comes to verb conjugation. In this article, we will focus on one specific verb: “entrer,” which means “to enter.” Conjugating “entrer” correctly is essential for anyone looking to communicate effectively in French. Let’s dive into the various forms and tenses of this verb.


Present Tense (Présent)

In the present tense, “entrer” is conjugated as follows:

– Je entre (I enter)
– Tu entres (You enter)
– Il/elle/on entre (He/she/one enters)
– Nous entrons (We enter)
– Vous entrez (You enter)
– Ils/elles entrent (They enter)


Past Tense (Passé Composé)

To express actions that occurred in the past, the passé composé tense is used with an auxiliary verb (être or avoir) and the past participle of “entrer.” The past participle of “entrer” is “entré.”

– J’ai entré (I entered)
– Tu as entré (You entered)
– Il/elle/on a entré (He/she/one entered)
– Nous avons entré (We entered)
– Vous avez entré (You entered)
– Ils/elles ont entré (They entered)


Imperfect Tense (Imparfait)

The imperfect tense is used to describe ongoing or habitual actions in the past. To conjugate “entrer” in the imperfect tense, follow this pattern:

– J’entrais (I was entering)
– Tu entrais (You were entering)
– Il/elle/on entrait (He/she/one was entering)
– Nous entrions (We were entering)
– Vous entriez (You were entering)
– Ils/elles entraient (They were entering)


Future Tense (Futur Simple)

The future tense is used to express actions that will occur in the future. Conjugate “entrer” in the future tense as follows:

– J’entrerai (I will enter)
– Tu entreras (You will enter)
– Il/elle/on entrera (He/she/one will enter)
– Nous entrerons (We will enter)
– Vous entrerez (You will enter)
– Ils/elles entreront (They will enter)


Conditional Mood (Conditionnel)

The conditional mood is used to express actions that are dependent on a condition. To conjugate “entrer” in the conditional mood, follow this pattern:

– Je rentrerais (I would enter)
– Tu rentrerais (You would enter)
– Il/elle/on rentrerait (He/she/one would enter)
– Nous rentrerions (We would enter)
– Vous rentreriez (You would enter)
– Ils/elles rentreraient (They would enter)


10 example sentences with the word “entrer”

Here are 10 example sentences with the word “entrer” in different grammatical tenses:

  1. J’entre dans la maison. (I enter the house.) – Present Tense
  2. Il est entré hier soir. (He entered last night.) – Past Tense (Passé Composé)
  3. Quand j’étais enfant, j’entrais toujours sans frapper. (When I was a child, I would always enter without knocking.) – Imperfect Tense (Imparfait)
  4. Demain, tu entreras dans la nouvelle école. (Tomorrow, you will enter the new school.) – Future Tense (Futur Simple)
  5. Si j’avais la clé, j’entrerais dans la pièce. (If I had the key, I would enter the room.) – Conditional Mood
  6. Il faut que nous entrions en contact avec lui. (We need to get in touch with him.) – Subjunctive Mood (Présent du Subjonctif)
  7. À quelle heure es-tu entré au bureau ce matin ? (What time did you enter the office this morning?) – Past Tense (Passé Composé)
  8. Elles entreront dans le musée après le déjeuner. (They will enter the museum after lunch.) – Future Tense (Futur Simple)
  9. Après avoir frappé à la porte, je suis entré. (After knocking on the door, I entered.) – Past Tense (Passé Composé)
  10. Si tu entrais dans la compétition, tu gagnerais peut-être. (If you entered the competition, you might win.) – Conditional Mood

These example sentences showcase the versatility of the verb “entrer” in different grammatical tenses, allowing you to use it effectively in various contexts.



Mastering the conjugation of the French verb “entrer” is a crucial step in becoming proficient in the language. Whether you’re talking about past actions, present activities, or future plans, understanding how to use “entrer” in various tenses and moods will enhance your ability to communicate effectively in French. Keep practicing, and you’ll soon be entering conversations with confidence!