Conjugation of the French Verb “Appeler”

The French language boasts a rich and intricate system of verb conjugation, and one essential verb that learners encounter early on is “appeler.” In this article, we will delve into the conjugation of the verb “appeler” in various tenses and moods, providing you with a comprehensive guide to master its usage.


Present Indicative

– Je appelle (I call)
– Tu appelles (You call)
– Il/elle/on appelle (He/she/one calls)
– Nous appelons (We call)
– Vous appelez (You call)
– Ils/elles appellent (They call)


Imperfect Indicative

– J’appelais (I used to call)
– Tu appelais (You used to call)
– Il/elle/on appelait (He/she/one used to call)
– Nous appelions (We used to call)
– Vous appeliez (You used to call)
– Ils/elles appelaient (They used to call)


Future Indicative

– Je appellerai (I will call)
– Tu appelleras (You will call)
– Il/elle/on appellera (He/she/one will call)
– Nous appellerons (We will call)
– Vous appellerez (You will call)
– Ils/elles appelleront (They will call)



– Je appellerais (I would call)
– Tu appellerais (You would call)
– Il/elle/on appellerait (He/she/one would call)
– Nous appellerions (We would call)
– Vous appelleriez (You would call)
– Ils/elles appelleraient (They would call)



– Que je appelle (That I call)
– Que tu appelles (That you call)
– Qu’il/elle/on appelle (That he/she/one calls)
– Que nous appelions (That we call)
– Que vous appeliez (That you call)
– Qu’ils/elles appellent (That they call)



– Appelle (Call – informal singular)
– Appelons (Let’s call)
– Appelez (Call – formal or plural)



– Appeler (To call)



– Appelé (Called)



– Appelant (Calling)


10 example sentences with the word “rendre”

Here are 10 example sentences with the word “rendre” in different grammatical tenses:

  1. Je rends visite à mes grands-parents. (I visit my grandparents.) – Present Indicative
  2. Tu rendais ton livre à la bibliothèque. (You were returning your book to the library.) – Imperfect Indicative
  3. Il a rendu son devoir hier. (He turned in his homework yesterday.) – Past Indicative
  4. Nous rendrons nos devoirs demain. (We will turn in our homework tomorrow.) – Future Indicative
  5. Vous avez rendu service à votre ami. (You did a favor for your friend.) – Compound Past Indicative
  6. Elle rendrait visite à sa sœur si elle pouvait. (She would visit her sister if she could.) – Conditional
  7. Que tu rendes l’argent tout de suite ! (You return the money right away!) – Subjunctive
  8. Rends-moi mon livre, s’il te plaît. (Give me back my book, please.) – Imperative
  9. Mon but est de rendre les choses meilleures. (My goal is to make things better.) – Infinitive
  10. En rendant ce service, j’ai aidé ma communauté. (By providing this service, I helped my community.) – Gerund



Mastering the conjugation of the French verb “appeler” is a fundamental step towards fluency in the language. It’s important to practice these conjugations regularly to become comfortable with using “appeler” in various tenses and moods. As with any language, practice makes perfect, so keep using “appeler” in different contexts to improve your French communication skills.